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Athena is the mastermind behind Northeast Collaborative and believes wholeheartedly in living - and creating - a life less ordinary. While she may be unexpectedly petite, she is a complete powerhouse. Athena is a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer, writer, and visual storyteller, and creates authentic imagery that evokes powerful emotion to tell an impressive story. Her clients include My, Cambria, Honda, Hazel & Rose and Thinx.  Her writing has been featured in the Star Tribune and on the MPR Newscut blog. 


Somewhere between dropping out of college and traveling to Nepal, Alex fell in love with storytelling. And it's become her mission to tell stories with thought, purpose, and beauty ever since. Alex has an eye for style, design, and meaningful stories, and that overflows into the way she make images. 

Alex is currently on hiatus from booking new work as she explores and pushes her boundaries. We are so excited to watch her blossom into an even bigger talent than she already is. 

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A recent grad of The Art Institute International of Minnesota, Hanna is a freelance photographer focusing on lifestyle, editorial, and assignment based story work with a realistic approach. Her clients include Coach, Faribault Woolen Mills, JB Hudson Jewelers, She She, and Red Wing Shoe Company.

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Grace joined NECO earlier this year and is our resident writer. She has written at The Big Reveal, Good HousekeepingDomino Magazine, and Design*Sponge. She’s been called "the wizard of DIYs” by House of Hipsters and “someone who loves coffee more than her children” … by her own children. Grace enjoys challenging the delusion of balance, ranting about insincerity in social media, and being completely irreverent even when not entirely appropriate (especially when not entirely appropriate). Her daily challenges include managing her multiple chronic illnesses and her perpetual pursuit of finding something clean to wear. Grace is the co-founder and features editor at Do It Well, Co. 

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Jenna is a phenom in her own right; a talented photographer and model, she has a keen editorial eye and, whether haute couture or conceptual, she creates stunning and timeless imagery. 

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Jennifer is a wedding and portrait photographer. She love warm tones, negative space, hard lines, reflections and shadows. Her work truly turns each image from a photograph into its own piece of art. Jennifer makes images that cause you to stop and stare, that make you go oh shit, that’s good. She likes to think her style is always adapting, which is something we find especially exciting. 



Nicole doesn't pride herself on being the best writer - especially when it comes to writing about herself - however, we think she describes herself best in her own words: "I am a great photographer, in a sea of great photographers, doing what I feel I am meant to do. Which is to tell your story." 

Nicole shoots both film and digital and has a diverse array of clients. From weddings to portraits, boudoir and editorial, Nicole is constantly evolving in her style and carving her own niche. Nicole's clients include Wide Eyed Legless,, Moth Oddities, and I AM Minneapolis. 



Rita re-ignited a dormant passion for photography five years ago when she started an Instagram account and began taking iPhone pictures of her then-infant son and garden. Rita's photography (and the equipment she uses) has evolved since then, but one thing remains the same: She loves to tell life's amazing stories through beautiful images. 

Rita is a social media guru and the co-founder of @Minnstameets, an organization that brings together Minnesota Instagrammers in real life for community building and unique photographic experiences.